Friday, September 19, 2008

Hair Makeover

This term, Alicia's learning all about occupations at school and this week, they were focusing on hairdressers.

When I went to pick her up from school today, it appeared that all the girls in the class had some form of makeover and her hair was teased pink, geled and even had sparkles (a la getai singers) sprayed on.

Cute at this age but a little too cheena for my liking :)

Typically an au naturale gal who prefers the knotty hair in the breeze look, I asked Ms Ivy, her teacher "Did Alicia sit still and let you do all this to her?". Apparently so. Guess when all the other kids are doing it, it would seem like a cool thing to do. Gosh, early signs of peer influence. Shudders.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

HK Trip - Part I

Been wanting to spend some quality time with Alicia ever since I came back from my rather long business trip to Madrid so we took advantage of the fact that Ray was going to HK for a business trip and joined him for a quick weekend visit. This time, it was just Alicia and I so she would have my undivided attention.

On Friday, while Ray was at work, Alicia and I went up to the Peak in the morning for a quick visit. She was in good spirits, aided by the notion of her first tram ride up a big "hill".

By the time we got out of the tram and circled five flights of escalators to reach the lookout point, her patience had wore thin and boredom set in quickly. She tool one cursory glance around, proclaimed that she wanted to go back and after much coaxing and threatening to not bring her ice skating (next on the itinerary), she obliged with a terribly forced smile. Oh well, at least the skyline looked great in the back ground.

So after that, we trudged back to the hotel for a quick wardrobe change and then it was off to Alicia's first ice skating experience.

Our friend in HK has a daughter the same age as Alicia and we gate crashed her lesson. Alicia was very excited about getting the gear on, especially the cheapie $5 extemely bright gloves we bought at the rink.

Then it was lesson proper and for the next 30 minutes, Alicia skated up and down with the aid of a balance bar. She landed on her butt a few times and eventually learnt to get up by herself.

Halfway into the lesson, they were learning how to push the bar a few feet away and then skate towards it by themselves. It's so amazing how kids learnt stuff, not sure whether to chalk it up to their low centre of gravity or just the sheer lack of fear. Either way, it was exciting for me to watch.

Tune in for HK Trip - Part II: Alicia takes on HK Disneyland!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Class Equality

I’ve got such a blog back log with all these entries I’ve been meaning to post but haven’t got a chance to do so. Anyway, here’s a quick update, since my business trip to Madrid, It was back to work for three days and then off to HK with Alicia for the long weekend (will post on that later) and the back to work and for this weekend, Alicia and I will be going to watch the Dora show!

Lots of attention for Alicia anyway, probably trying to make up for the guilt of leaving her and Kayla for 10 days. Not that they were roughing it out mind you, sounded like they were having a ball in Moranbah with the grandparents.

So what’s been happening on the Kayla front? Like most other second born kids, she’s been relatively neglected on the stimulation front. She’s now 7 and a half months old and when Alicia was at that age, she was practically a baby enrichment class aficionado, having tried Kindermusik, Gymboree, Growing up Gifted (at 8 months) and was going to embark on Julia Gabriel’s Chinese playgroup and The Shichida Method.

I’m trying to tell myself it’s not just the novelty of the first born child but also the luxury of being a stay at home mum trying to find things to occupy her (and mine) time. I finally decided that it was time for more social interaction for Kayla as well and enrolled her in her first Gymboree session at the Marine Parade Central location.

The first lesson didn’t go down so well – with HFMD afoot (no pun intended ) and a long holiday inducing weekend, all the other kids couldn’t make it and they called to cancel the lesson 30 minutes before it started, only I didn’t get the call and showed up anyway.

I think they felt bad for me and suggested doing a 1:1 class with Kayla just to get her used to the class activities. So here she is in her first and very private lesson at Gymboree.

Meeting the school mascot, Gymbo the Clown, she wasn’t much a fan and started bawling.

Stimulating her tactile senses, straight to the mouth as usual.

She loved playing with the scarves though, wasn’t too excited about feeling the other textures at this point.

Learning to balance.

Just 30 minutes into the 45 minute class, she got grumpy (it was time for milk and sleep) and I decided to stop. I think a 1:1 was just too intense for mummy as well.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Missing the kids

I'm here in Madrid on a business trip and won't be back till next Thursday so won't be blogging for a while. Kids are in Australia with Ray visiting their grandparents. I'm really missing them and can't wait to get home again to see them....

Will be back next week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mummy's Girl

This is what happens when I walk by Kayla and don't pick her up.

When I emerge from the room and cross her line of vision, she watches intently, arms outstretched, chubby legs kicking furiously in anticipation and if I exit from her sight without a cuddle, she launches wholeheartedly into a full blown wail.

I know this is the cause because as soon as I come running back to pick her up, she reverts back to her usual cherubic self, bestowing me with her generous gummy smiles again.

Not that I don't appreciate the affection but what puzzles me is the level of attachment she has. With Alicia, it was understandable as I was a SAHM for a year, which meant 24/7 interaction.

With Kayla, it was pretty much back to work after maternity leave and even the breastfeeding bond was truncated as I relied more on the pump this time round.

I think this is one bub with a pretty high EQ - she instinctly knows who her mummy is (despite the maid being with her for most of the day). Either that or she's a big copycat, after observing how her jie jie interacts with me, she felt justified in getting her fair share of hugs too.

Either way, I'm not complaining. It's indescribably gratifying to have two people love you so unconditionally.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Experiencing Kayla's milestones is kind of like watching your favourite TV re-runs. The second time round is slightly different - you love the show so much you would gladly watch it again but this time round you know how it turns out and sometimes, you can't wait to fast forward the boring bits to get to the good part.

Which explains why this entry should have been done three weeks ago when Kayla FIRST started sitting up by herself. There was an initial "Hey look what she can do!" excitement but that fizzled out way before the video camera was whipped out.

We're still really proud that she can do this just before her 6 months mark but we're more interested in the walking and talking stage this time round.

In some ways, she's quicker than Alicia in terms of development but in others, she's a little behind (alicia had two teeth at 7 months; Kayla's got none at 6.5 months). I'm attributing the lag to the fact that I evicted her three weeks early which I'm using as an excuse for any delay in her milestones.

Here's Kayla trying to sit up by herself. She's not totally stable yet so it usually tends to be resting on her arms....

or leaning precariously to one side.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Smiley Baby

Here's a layout I just completed last night that really shows Kayla's regular repertoire of expressions. She's just such a happy baby, so generous with her smiles. My aunt jokingly said to me yesterday:

"I think the second child is generally more calm and happy so that you'll be enticed into having a third!"

Tempting at times but when I think back to the 9 l-o-n-g months of pregnancy and the first three colicky months, that door in my mind slams shut pretty quickly.